Vasiliki Koniakou

Turun yliopisto | University of Turku
Tohtorikoulutettava | Doctoral Candidate

Vasiliki graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Kapodestrian University of Athens. She continued her studies in the University of Turku obtaining a master in European, International and Comparative Law, majoring Information Society. She wrote her master’s thesis on the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime, and thereafter focused her research on the European Union framework regarding content regulation for the protection of minors from illegal and harmful online material. Since 2015 she is a doctoral candidate of Law in the University of Turku and an Academy of Finland scholar. Her research focuses on governability, regulation and governance of the Internet, the global Internet Governance model, contemporary issues related to Internet Governance, human rights and the rule of law online, as well as on the humanization and democratization of information technology governance in general. She has participated in several international conferences, she offers lectures on Internet Governance and Internet Law in the University of Turku and is a member of numerous research networks. She is currently in a research fellowship with the Athens University of Economics and Business, offering workshops and legal counseling regarding Internet law, Intellectual Property Rights and the GDPR. Her research interests include technology and Internet governance, the implications of the Internet in human rights and the wider legal system, the humanization and democratization of technology and Internet governance, the right to privacy and freedom of expression and information, law and policy-making for the Internet, user participation in standard setting and law making for the Internet, as well as philosophical and sociological questions related to Internet and law.

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