Book launch seminar: A Theory of Legal Personhood (Visa Kurki, OUP 2019)

Time: Nov 11, 4.00pm-6pm

Place: Common Room, 3rd floor, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Fabianinkatu 24

The Finnish Society for Legal Philosophy (Sofy ry) will organize a book launch seminar on Visa Kurki’s new book A Theory of Legal Personhood (Oxford University Press 2019). All are warmly welcome to the seminar.

The programme will consist of a presentation by Visa Kurki, and three comments by:

Juha Karhu (University of Lapland): ”The extensional beliefs regarding legal personhood, history, and justice – challenging the methods used in Visa Kurki’s A Theory of Legal Personhood
Raimo Siltala (University of Turku) : “Earth, Wind and Fire, and other Dilemmas of Legal Personhood”
Maija Aalto-Heinilä (University of Eastern Finland): ”Some thoughts about nonhuman animals”

Wine and nibbles will be served after the talks.

To estimate the correct amount of wine and nibbles, we would kindly ask you to register.

Book description:

Who, or what, is a ’person’ according to the law? How did this understanding of personhood come about? In the twenty-first century, environmentalism, animal rights, artificial intelligence, and corporate personhood have compelled us to consider these questions once again. Legal personhood is a foundational concept of Western legal thought and A Theory of Legal Personhood seeks to go beyond contemporary debates, challenging our very understanding of legal personhood itself.
Book available at:



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